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About FathomVerse

FathomVerse is a cozy, immersive game where you’ll encounter real scientific images collected by robots and researchers around the world. Look closely, you may be the first to discover the ocean animals you find.


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We’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to FathomVerse


Monterey Bay Aquarium

CVision AI

&ranj Serious Games

Internet of Elephants

Barderry Applied Research LLC

Dingo Sky LLC


National Science Foundation

Schmidt Family Foundation

Mission Briefing Content: MBARI’s Video Lab

Award Content: MBARI’s Video Lab

Animal Illustrations: Kurtis Wothe

Labeled Data: FathomNet and contributors

Music: John Ryan (MBARI, Hydrophone), Eric Nardone and Beth Redmond-Jones (Monterey Bay Aquarium, Deep Sea Exhibit), &ranj (Score)

FathomVerse is a solution of the Ocean Vision AI program.

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