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MBARI, Ocean Vision AI

Moss Landing, California

&ranj Serious Games

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Release Date

May 1, 2024




Cozy sci-non-fi: FathomVerse shares awe-inspiring ocean animals with casual gamers. This is a mobile game designed to inspire a new wave of ocean explorers while improving the artificial intelligence researchers use for discovery of ocean life.

Physonect Siphonophore illustration


  • Play minigames to interact with real imagery collected by researchers and discover real ocean animals. 

  • Hone your skills and learn how to find nearly 50 groups of ocean animals.

  • Save your favorite images and curate a personal gallery.

  • Unlock awards to expand your knowledge of ocean animals and dive deep in how gameplay is used for improving artificial intelligence. 

  • Cycle through the Ocean Radio channels to shift the FathomVerse soundscape as you play.

  • Be among the first to view ocean imagery and discover new species.

Shark illustration


FathomVerse is a mobile game developed by Ocean Vision AI with the purpose of encouraging people to participate in ocean research and speeding up ocean discovery. Currently, the ocean exploration community is facing a major challenge, where less than 15% of the 300,000+ hours of underwater videos collected by ocean researchers in the U.S. have been processed despite advances in imaging technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to accelerate the analysis of ocean imagery, but the training process of AI models is extremely time-consuming.


To address this issue, Ocean Vision AI teamed up with game design experts, including &ranj Serious Games, to develop a unique mobile game that allows gamers and ocean enthusiasts to help train AI to identify ocean animals in a fun and engaging way. Playing FathomVerse is a concrete action that anyone can take to contribute to ocean discovery and assist the whole ocean community in studying marine ecosystems.

Sea Snail illustration


FathomVerse logo above ocean animals and a game avatar floating along ocean currents.

Splash Screen


fathomverse logo square white
fathomverse logo square blue
horizontal fathomverse logo white
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fathomverse credits

We’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to FathomVerse


Monterey Bay Aquarium

CVision AI

&ranj Serious Games

Internet of Elephants

Barderry Applied Research LLC

Dingo Sky LLC


National Science Foundation

Schmidt Family Foundation


Mission Briefing Content

MBARI Video Lab


Award Content

MBARI Video Lab


Animal Illustrations

Kurtis Wothe


Labeled Data

FathomNet and contributors



John Ryan (MBARI, Hydrophone)

Eric Nardone and Beth Redmond-Jones (Monterey Bay Aquarium, Deep Sea Exhibit)

&ranj (Score)


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