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MBARI, Ocean Vision AI

Moss Landing, California

&ranj Serious Games

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Release Date

May 1, 2024




Cozy sci-non-fi: FathomVerse shares awe-inspiring ocean animals with casual gamers. This is a mobile game designed to inspire a new wave of ocean explorers while improving the artificial intelligence researchers use for discovery of ocean life.

Physonect Siphonophore illustration


  • Play minigames to interact with real imagery collected by researchers and discover real ocean animals. 

  • Hone your skills and learn how to identify nearly 50 groups of ocean animals.

  • Save your favorite images and curate a personal gallery.

  • Unlock awards to expand your knowledge of ocean animals and dive deep in how gameplay is used for improving artificial intelligence. 

  • Cycle through the Ocean Radio channels to shift the FathomVerse soundscape as you play.

  • Be among the first to view ocean imagery and discover new species.

Shark illustration


FathomVerse seeks to transform ocean exploration by engaging a community of passionate ocean enthusiasts to work alongside researchers. Scientists estimate that anywhere from 30-60% of life in the ocean is still unknown to science. Filling that knowledge gap is vital if we want to understand how all ocean ecosystems are being impacted by climate change. With advances in imaging and AI technology, we can capture images of the ocean and quickly analyze them. However, AI needs people to continuously train and verify the models. That's where FathomVerse comes in. 

Ocean Vision AI teamed up with game design experts, including &ranj Serious Games and Internet of Elephants to develop a unique mobile game that allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to take part in ocean exploration and assist the whole ocean community in the quest to understand marine ecosystems.

Sea Snail illustration


FathomVerse logo above ocean animals and a game avatar floating along ocean currents.

Splash Screen


fathomverse logo square white
fathomverse logo square blue
horizontal fathomverse logo white
fathomverse horizontal logo blue

fathomverse credits

We’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to FathomVerse:


Monterey Bay Aquarium

CVision AI

&ranj Serious Games

Internet of Elephants

Barderry Applied Research LLC

Dingo Sky LLC


National Science Foundation

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation


Animal icons: Kurtis Wothe and other Phylopic contributors*

Animated logos: Kurtis Wothe

Audio channels: Hydrophone - John Ryan, MBARI, Ocean Soundscape Team; Deep Sea Aquarium - Monterey Bay Aquarium, Into the Deep / En lo Profundo Exhibit

Award images and video clips: MBARI’s Video Lab

Labeled data: FathomNet contributors

Mission briefing images: MBARI’s Video Lab

Unlabeled data: NOAA-OER, Schmidt Ocean Institute, MBARI


Beta testers: Eric Albert, Laura Anderson, Kelsey Archer Barnhill, Megan Barry, Sean W Brown, Allen Cheng, Riley Choi, Christina Des Rochers, Caroline Edmonds, Gisselle Farfán-Magaña, Katherine Farfán-Magaña, Tennyson Filcek, Davina Gifford, Alexander Graber, Micaela Johnson, Pat Lee, Caitlyn Left, Alex Magaña, Vikram Mohanty, Christopher Nolan, Golnoush Pak, Lydia Rysavy, Heather Scott, Zuriel Silva, Aeryn Siu Lee, Gail Siu Lee, James Siu Lee, Josiah Terpstra, Georgia Watson, Dane Whicker, Belinda Zhao


We are grateful for the contributions provided by the Science, Engineering, and Operations groups that work in partnership at various institutions for generating the imagery shown in FathomVerse. 


FathomVerse is a contribution of MBARI’s Bioinspiration Lab and the Ocean Vision AI program. 


*Lauren Sumner-Rooney, Guillaume Dera, Felix Vaux, Kanchi Nanjo, Christoph Schomburg, Mario Quevedo, Levi Simons, T Michael Keesey, Nathan Hermann, Steven Haddock, JR Winnikoff, Becky Barnes, Prespa Research Group, AH Baldwin, Ferran Sayol, Séverine Martini, Ludwik Gasiorowski

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